• Tori Lynn Crowther

Training updates

You many have noticed I have been a little quiet lately. That is because I have been busy, and for someone who does not have a minute to themselves, that is quite an impressive statement.

We are coming across exciting times. As you may be aware, there are new rules and regulations that have been brought out by DEFRA (Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) for the Animal Activity Licensing Regulations 2018: As from 1st October 2018, staff working for Dog Kennels, Dog Day Care or Dog Boarding must have a minimum of an Ofqual regulated qualification in a relevant subject. So, as we do extensive training with our dog walkers, I am looking into how TLC Dog Walking will become a Ofqual regulated training centre.....

So I am currently writing more training programs and making them more official. Finding out exactly what is required in the training and much more to ensure that we can provide the best home boarding service possible for our beloved pooches.

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