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How to dry a wet dog while camping

Dogs and water go together like cookies and cream, however, tents and wet dogs are like poo bags and bins! If you are a dog lover and a camper, ensure you have some things with you to help keep the tent smelling sweet. You can prevent some of the wetness by having a full leg waterproof suit for your pooch, but without this, here are some ideas and necessities to take with you.

1. Air Dry

If it is a nice sunny day, you can leave them to air dry. Tie them up with a tie out cable and steak, ensuring they have fresh water and shade if they need it.

2.Synthetic chamois leather or aquasorb

These work damp. They pull the water off your dog and then you ring them out and use them again. I have even used puddles to clean them in, it saves having to dry towels after drying your wet pooch, however if you let them dry out too much, they are like cardboard and do not work.


After your first squeeze with the chamois leather, give dogs, especially long haired dogs, a brush down to remove loose hair and prevent knots

4.Wet dog drying robe

You can buy coats to put on that are of various materials, such as towelling, to help dry your dog after you have removed most of the wet.

5.Dog Tent / Crate

Once your dog is nearly dry, you can put it in either a crate, or its own tent to dry off completely before they come back into your tent. (if you are backpacking, they could carry there own, but

ensure the dog is fully grown before you ask them to carry things and never expect them to carry too much.)

6. Essential Oil Pooch Deodorant

Once they are dry, give them a little spritz with a lovely homemade essential oils deodorant, taking care to cover their eyes.

* Small Spray Bottle

* 8 drops of Bergamot

* 4 Ounces Water


* Small Spray Bottle

* 5 drops of Lavender essential oil

* 3 drops of Peppermint essential oil

* 3 drops of Eucalyptus essential oil

* 3 drops of Citronella Essential Oil

* 4 Oz Water

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