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Every Dog Matters

They are the reason we go to work every day. They are also the reasons our team have work. They are our family and our life. We believe these 3 words. Do you?

Our team are there to help you if you are having problems. Please think carefully before getting a new addition to your family. Do you have time for a puppy? Could you adopt, not shop? If you have other commitments, will you be able to devote enough time to your dog? Are your commitments or living arrangements likely to be changing soon? If so, think twice.

Are you aware of the breed needs that you are getting. Do your homework, do not get a breed because you like the way it looks, but because its nature is suitable for your family. Many designer breeds are high energy dogs with high maintenance, do you want this? If you have a young family or are likely to get a young family, look into low energy family dogs. If you have long hours at work or when you are unable to take them out, look into an older dog and can you afford a dog walker? If not, get a cat!

Do you have the time and dedication to groom daily? If not, get a short haired breed, who will still need grooming but only weekly, not daily because they will get knots that cause them great pain. Every dog needs grooming, some because they smell, some have a love of rolling in all things smelly, so need frequent baths, some have long hair that knots, especially behind the ears. As dogs get older, they will need grooming more frequently, but hopefully all dogs get older, so this is not something you can avoid. If you are thinking you will get rid of it when it is old, never, ever get a dog!

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