• Tori Lynn Crowther

10 places to meet other doggy people

If you are a dog lover and can talk for hours about your furry friend then worry not, there are many of us out there and many places where we can meet like minded people. Dogs are a great icebreaker.

  1. The Park, obviously.

An old one, but possibly the best place to meet other dog owners. People in the park can’t help chatting about their best friend.

2. A dog friendly café or pub or one with outside seating

A great place to meet people having a break.

3. At obedience training groups

You can always teach an old dog new tricks, get them some fun and training at the same time.

4. Dog activity groups such as flyball, agility or breed specialist clubs

Do not worry if you have no experience, there are usually beginner groups to help start you off.You will get to know the other dogs and their owners while there.

5. Online.

There are many social media groups and even dating sites aimed at pet lovers

6. Volunteering

Offering your services at your local dog rescue or joining a pet scheme such as Pets as Therapy (PAT) http://petsastherapy.org/join-us/join-pat-dog/ or the cinnamon trust http://www.cinnamon.org.uk/volunteers/

7. A dog activity holiday or a dog friendly beach

There are more and more places opening up that actively encourage dog owners and their dogs to go and participate in activities.People often return year after year too.

8. At dog shows

Have fun looking at dogs and displays and chatting to others.

9. At the groomers or the vets

While in the waiting room, there are often others to chat to.

10. On Canine Courses

Have some fun, meet some people and gain a qualification

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